Technovation Challenge

Where are the #girlsintech? Right here at Technovation. Follow these young women entrepreneurs as they create the next great mobile app.

Congrats to our Lawrence Berkeley National Labs winning teams! And a huge thanks to LBNL for hosting the program and the David Brower Center for hosting pitch night.

1st place: StudiCafe by Coffee Beans (Albany High School)

StudiCafé will provide high school students with a tool that is a fun and effective way to study for an AP science class or test. StudiCafé includes a virtual world aspect that will help incorporate a social feature into the app. We know that we cannot program the virtual world due to our limited coding knowledge, although we know it is possible. The world of StudiCafé includes different AP Cafés that you can visit. After entering a café there will be 6 choices; visit other cafés, view statistics, take practice test, practice multiple choice, practice with flashcards, and take FRQ.”

2nd place: BondBros by Infinity (Albany High School)

“BOND: my chemical bromance” We know you’ve been slaving over that AP chemistry study guide. We know you want to take some time to play around a little with your bros. We know you may not be the biggest fan of ionic bonding. We want you to know that this can change. We want you to know that you can entertain yourself with Something You Learned at School. We know, because we made an app for it.

3rd place: tie between CramJam and NapApp

CramJam by Harmony (Berkeley High School)

CramJam is a mobile app designed to allow science teachers to post educational, musical videos that students can then rate and comment on. CramJam is easy, fun and safe. Videos uploaded to CramJam are sorted by subject, length, and user rating to help users maximize their studying time. The highest rated videos are featured on the front page of the app, which gives uploaders an incentive to make the best possible videos. Teachers can also receive instant feedback from students through the commenting feature, which leads to better overall videos. CramJam is an app necessary for teachers and students alike!

NapApp by Napsters (Albany High School)

The NapApp is a mobile application targeted for students between the ages of 14 and 27 who don’t get enough sleep, or anyone who finds themselves in need of a nap. NapApp establishes a personal schedule for the user that they can use day to day, or even long term. This app teaches the user how to take the perfect nap so they can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. An assortment of additional features are presented in a simple format that will teach people how to get the most out their nap time.