Technovation Challenge

Where are the #girlsintech? Right here at Technovation. Follow these young women entrepreneurs as they create the next great mobile app.

Congrats to our Boston winners! Thanks to Google for hosting our classes and MIT for hosting the Pitch Event!

1st place: M&M App by App Developers for Good (Advance Math and Science Academy Charter School)
M&M app is a mobile Android App that is designed to teach students and aid teachers in teaching the two fundamental biological processes of cell division; Meiosis and Mitosis. The M&M app is easy to use and was made in a game-like format. This app will give students a better understanding of the these two basic processes and allow them learn in fun and new ways. This app will also show the student’s mastery of mitosis and meiosis by showing the students if they did each phase correctly. This app is not limited to just students, adults can use it too because it is a game and people are never too old to learn new things.

2nd Place: Flash and Dash App by Team Iris (Advance Math and Science Academy Charter School)
Flash & Dash allows students to create and share flashcards that are easily accessible for studying science on the go. Users store flashcards in collections published to a growing database, so you can find a set of cards for any subject without having to take the time to create your own. Users can search the database for specific topics; for example, instead of biology, you can find collections on mitosis, cell structure, etc.  Flash &Dash gives users easy access to a large variety of flashcards for every subject, all at your fingertips.

3rd Place: Animal Adventures App by Team Black Diamond (Haverhill High School)
At Black Diamond, we have built a phone-based gaming app to make science education more fun and addictive for middle and high school students. You start Animal Adventures by answering a series of questions that are multiple choice or true or false. If you get the answer right you get 5 points, you get zero points for a wrong answer. Once you have earned enough points you can enter your park.You use points to buy animals from the international park. They can interact by hunting, reproducing, etc. You can go back to questions at any time to earn more points and points can purchase supplies to help your animals thrive in their habitat.