Technovation Challenge

Where are the #girlsintech? Right here at Technovation. Follow these young women entrepreneurs as they create the next great mobile app.

We ran a double program at Adobe, so there are six winners. Congrats to all!

Thanks to Adobe for hosting us and to Microsoft for hosting the Pitch Event!

1st place: Team 3-SimplyU App by Royal Dolls (Overfelt High School)

Our solution to the problem of teenage pregnancy is an app that provides teenagers with the relevant information right at their fingertips. We have named our app,
SimplyU. Our app not just provides information regarding preventing teenage
pregnancy, but also helps teenagers find clinics based on their needs.
Apart from that, it also provides a forum for teenagers to discuss issues
and share experiences with other teens. What’s more: We are providing this app for FREE!

Because of the confidential nature of a mobile phone and the fact that it
is always with them wherever they go, teenagers will be easily able to seek
and get information at the right time without being embarrassed. The forums
are also confidential and help teens feel free to ask anything relating to
sexual activity, STDs etc since they won’t be judged or criticized and they
can relate to other teens’ experiences as well.

1st place: Team 14-PinPoint Green App by Green Goblins (Yerba Buena High School)

PinPoint Green, is an Android app designed to assist consumers live an
eco-friendly lifestyle limiting the use of the earth’s valuable resources.
PinPoint Green “pin-points” eco-friendly products that encourage consumers
to easily identify and select them. PinPoint Green will assist in the expansion of consumer awareness and action in using eco-friendly products by making the identification and acquisition of these products more convenient than it is today. There are a huge number of people who want to help the environment but won’t because of the extra time and expense required to do so. Specifically, there is often confusion as to
the actual eco-friendliness of some products due to deceptive advertising
of non-eco-friendly products. PinPoint Green relieves the consumer of that
added stress.

2nd place: Team 5-TOM(; App by TOM Everlasting (Willow Glen High School)

T.O.M(; (Time of the Month) is an application that educates girls about
their menstrual cycle in a private manner. T.O.M(; explains the biological
science of their cycle and why women experience it. The Question and Answer
feature provides this information as well as common symptoms and proven
solutions. Another feature is our calendar, which greatly helps girls track
their periods and reminds them when their next menstrual cycle is likely to
occur. In the product section there is information about top rated
products, and which are best for your lifestyle. TOM(;… to assist young
women through a new part of their life.

2nd place: Team 12-NutriSport App by Healthy Hippos (Santa Teresa High School)

Nutrisport is a sports specific fitness and nutrition app targeted towards
people new to a sport, high school/college level athletes looking to
improve, and people who play recreational sports. Nutrisport provides
people who want to learn a new sport with key information sources such as sport
specific exercises/workouts, nutrition plans, and gear options that will
help users perform the best at their sport.

3rd place: Team 6-Blockstar App by (Willow Glen High School)

The product is called Blockstar. It will allow users to disable any
applications on their smart phones that cause a distraction to them. Users
will also be able to specify the amount of time that their applications are
disabled. This is beneficial because the customer will have the opportunity
to focus on important tasks in their lives without having their smart phone
as a distraction. Blockstar will also keep track of how many times the user
uses each application on their phone. This will show the user which
applications most threaten their ability to concentrate. It will also
provide the user with meaningful metrics that will further help them with
diagnosing the root of their concentration disabilities.

3rd place: Team 16- My BP App by HeartBreakers (Mount Pleasant High School)

With My BP, people who suffer from irregular blood pressure can use our
mobile app on their Android phone to store, measure, record, and graph the
results of their blood pressure. Our app will require a cuff that is
compatible with the user’s Android phone for more accurate blood pressure
measurements; however if they do not possess one, they can simply input
their measurements and enjoy all of My BP’s features which include:
tracking blood pressure, graphing the results, and alerting your doctor of
the measurements in order to save a trip to the doctor. Through these
features, doctors will obtain an accurate and steady collection of data,
which will aid them when prescribing a medication or when starting a