Technovation Challenge

Where are the #girlsintech? Right here at Technovation. Follow these young women entrepreneurs as they create the next great mobile app.

Congrats to the winners of the NYC Technovation Pitch Night!

1st Place: Chemical Quintet, App: Element Quest (NYC iSchool)
Element Quest is a studying tool geared towards chemistry students going through the troubling process of memorizing the periodic table of elements. This app will make studying the elements fun and easy. With the full version, users will be able to choose an element to investigate. They will be presented with a scene that disguises the element as something the user would see in their life and are challenged to identify the element they selected. After correctly identifying the element the user unlocks fun facts about its properties.

2nd Place: ElectroTechno Girls, App: Oink Oink Operation (High School of Hospitality Management)
Because there are many times that kids struggle to understand biology, our app is an exciting way to study dissections. This app is similar to the board game operation, so students are familiar with it. We lay out actual live images of fetal pig body parts to remember the material instead of seeing fake images, which are easily forgotten. We stripped down all the material into a simple interface so that it is easy and accessible for the student, especially before that big test or quiz.

3rd Place: Let’s Kick Some App, App: Outer Space in Yo’ Face (NYC iSchool)
When was the last time you went to space? Never, of course! Well, you’ve just wandered onto the right game. On each planet there is a hidden adventure that you can play to unlock new knowledge. Travel the solar system unlocking planets until you finally make your way home to planet Earth. Our solar system becomes your very own arcade. Although designed for younger children to learn more about Earth’s eight neighbors, Outer Space In Yo’ Face can be a fun game for all ages to learn new things about the unknown.